Pressure Cooker Recipe

When you and your household have made the decision to add a pressure cooker to your kitchen appliances, you will find that meal preparation has become much easier and faster.  You can prepare a complete meal for the family in under an hour, sometimes in as little as half an hour.  This can represent a real time saver for busy people; and now you will not have to rely upon microwave or frozen dinners to provide a meal for your family.  

Why Pressure Cooking Is Good

Pressure cooking is a great way to feed your family because all of the nutrients stay right in the food,  they are not boiled or roasted away as can happen with conventional cooking.  Because the pressure cooker creates a closed environment, everything good stays right where it should, so every recipe you use will assure you and your family of the highest nutritional content.  

If you are looking to save a bit of money at the grocery store by buying less expensive cuts of meat, you will never have to worry about the results being like old boot leather.  Even brisket and chuck roasts will come out of the pressure cooker so tender that you will be able to cut them with your fork.  If you have a hunter in the house, game such as venison will also be tenderized beautifully by your pressure cooker.  In addition, you will also be save on fuel costs as the reduced time needed for perfect meals will use less gas or electricity.

What Can You Cook In A pressure cooker?

The number of recipes that you will be able to use in a pressure cooker are nearly endless, it would be difficult to find anything that could not be cooked in this manner.  Any meat or fish will be cooked to perfection in a pressure cooker and you will be able to cook vegetables, beans, and rice without any problem.  Stews are delicious, but sometimes stew meat can exercise the jaw muscles just a bit more than desired – stews cooked under pressure will yield the most tender meat imaginable.  Vegetable recipes will require only a few minutes to prepare, and vegetables can also be added to meat dishes as completion time nears.Puddings are easy in a pressure cooker, but you can also make pies and breads.  Take advantage of the recipes included with your pressure cooker, and access free recipes on the web to get the most out of your pressure cooker.