Elite Pressure Cooker Recipes

When you are considering a top of the line electric pressure cooker, consider Elite.  The parent company, Maxi-Matic, has designed a pressure cooker that performs in the kitchen seamlessly to help you prepare healthy meals fast.  The sleek and modern design of Elite pressure cookers is so elegant that it will add to the appearance of any kitchen.  It is almost a piece of art.  The Elite is available in red, blue, or black.  Elite electric pressure cookers come in 6 or 8 quart sizes, so there is one to fit your family.  However, as pleased as you may be with the look of your Elite, you will be even happier with the delicious recipes you will be able to prepare with ease.  If you are as busy as most people are these days, you probably find it hard to prepare a full meal at the end of the day – it simply takes too much time.  However, the Elite pressure cooker can have dinner on the table in one third of the time, and won’t it be nice not to have to rely upon frozen dinners or fast food anymore?

Elite Makes Cooking Easy

All you need do when it’s time to prepare dinner is add the ingredients and set the timer.  Your elite does all the rest; it will bring the cooker up to the correct pressure and temperature and then keep it there while the cooking proceeds.  A beep will alert you when the meal is done.  If you suffer a power outage while the meal is cooking, the Elite will take over and begin cooking as soon as power is restored – this is a great feature if the area where you live is subject to frequent, brief power outages.  The nonstick, removable cooking pot makes washing up fast and easy.   Roasting, stewing, and simmering, besides the normal pressure cooking, are all possible simply by setting the digital controls.

Recipes For Elite pressure cookers

When you are want more recipes than are provided in your Elite manual, try going first to http://peggyunderpressure.com/tags/elite-platinum-pressure-cooker-recipes/. You will find a wonderful bunch of unique recipes that are designed specifically for electric pressure cookers; you simply will not be able to go wrong.  There are dozens of recipes on this website that will enable you to put a perfect meal on the table every time.  A combination of a great electric pressure cooker, the Elite, great recipes, and fresh ingredients will make you into a master chef in no time.
Another great website is http://www.blogher.com/have-you-tried-cooking-pressure-cooker, which has some old favorites and some recipes with a new twist.  Start your family off with pressure cooker Steak, and go on from there.
Do not forget to add some pressure cooker cookbooks for even more variety.  “Miss Vickie’s Big Book of pressure cooker Recipes” by Vickie Smith is a ‘must have’ and is almost a pressure cooking encyclopedia.  And, do not forget “The New pressure cooker Cookbook” by Pat Daily, or Lorna Sass’s “Perfect Pressure” and “Cooking Under Pressure.”  A combination of some good cookbooks and online recipes will keep you using your Elite electric pressure cooker every day.