Presto Pressure Cooker Recipes

presto is one of the most well-known and respected cookware manufacturers.  Most of us grew up with a presto appliance in the home.  Today, presto makes a fine range of pressure cookers in either stainless steel or aluminum, and these are available in both stovetop and electric models.  If you find yourself pressed for time in the late afternoon, and wonder how on earth you will be able to put a decent meal on the table – turn to presto for the answer.  Their pressure cookers will cut the time needed to prepare dinner to mere minutes, rather than hours.  An entire meal can be cooked in one pot, as it is easy to release the steam and add items that need less cooking time than the main course.  You will also notice that both your food and energy bills will be lower, as you can avail yourself of less expensive cuts of meat, and the cooking time is greatly reduced.

What Kind Of Meals Can I Cook?

presto provides many recipes on their website that can help you to plan your meals with ease.  One that might catch your eye is Almond Cod With Peas, which you can prepare in about 20 minutes, including preparation time.  Side dishes as fancy as Ruby Pears or as simple as Steamed Rice will help to make any meal more enjoyable for the entire family.  And, presto has not neglected desserts, either, as such scrumptious desserts as Orange Cheesecake or Petite Pumpkin Custards will top off any dinner perfectly.  Soups and stews are also a snap to prepare with your presto pressure cooker, and if you like clambakes, you can have one complete with clams, lobster, and scallops in less than 5 minute’s cooking time.

Other Recipe Sources

If you do manage to try all the recipes offered by presto, there are plenty of other websites or recipe books that will help you expand your repertoire even further.  No one who has a pressure cooker should be without ‘Miss Vickie’s Big Book of pressure cooker Recipes’ to get them started.  Not only does the book have hundreds of recipes in it, but the author also explains how pressure cookers work and how to maintain yours properly.  This book is basically designed for stovetop pressure cookers, however, and those who eat meat.

Those of you who are a bit skeptical about trying out your new pressure cooker, or those who may have inherited an old one, will definitely want to add ‘pressure cookers For Dummies’ to your recipe book shelf.  Author Tom Lacalamita will hold your hand as he leads you through the ins and outs of pressure cooking.  Not only will he help you to feel much more confident about using your pressure cooker, but he also provides you with over 80 very tasty recipes.  Many of the recipes are basic and easy to prepare to get you accustomed to using your pressure cooker.

Another great pressure cooker recipe book is ‘Pressure Cooking For Everyone’.  This book contains dozens of easy-to-follow recipes that require fairly basic ingredients.  Those new to pressure cooking will find this book a good way to prepare simple meals that taste complicated.  You will no longer have to wait for the weekend to enjoy real food.