Recipes For Electric Pressure Cookers

If you have purchased an electric pressure cooker and have already used all the recipes included in the instruction manual, you will be happy to know that you do not need to buy any cookbooks to expand your menus.  Use that great source of information about nearly anything, the internet.  A visit to a search engine with the words ‘electric pressure cooker recipes’ will bring up page after page of websites that offer you free recipes.

What Are The Best Websites?

Whether or not you visit a website devoted exclusively to electric pressure cooker recipes (there are relatively few of these), you will find that it is easy to adapt stovetop pressure cooker recipes for your electric cooker.  Electric pressure cookers do not attain quite as high pressure or temperature as stovetop models, but it generally only necessary to leave the food cooking just a bit longer.

The place to begin your search for free electric pressure cooker recipes is,pressure-cooker/ which has over 350 recipes.  Most of these have been tested by others and rated, so you will be sure of preparing good tasting food. Another good place to look is on  While this site does not have as many recipes as the first, it is still a good place to go for additions to your free recipe file.  If you would like to become a member of a food group, try This site has plenty of free pressure cooker recipes, but also gives you the opportunity to join a group that shares your culinary interests.  This will give you the opportunity to meet those with similar interests and swap recipes.

The Library

Regardless of anything else, your public library is still a great source of books of all kinds, including those pertaining to pressure cooking.  It will also give you a chance to look over any cookbooks before you purchase them.  If you live outside of a major population center, as we do, your library may have a mail-a-book service.  Call your local library and ask if this is available.  Not only will books be delivered right to your door, but you will be able to access books from any part of the country.

Most libraries have a fairly good cookbook section, and the interest in pressure cooking means there will probably be some great books available.  Check out ‘Miss Vickie’s Big Book of pressure cooker Recipes’ to begin with.  While written for stovetop pressure cookers, it is easy to adapt the recipes for an electric cooker.  Another book you will probably want to read is ‘The Everything pressure cooker Cookbook’, and do not neglect to thumb through ‘Bob Warden’s Slow Food Fast’.